COVID-19 Update

As I’m sure you are aware, both Massachusetts and New Hampshire have closed all non-essential businesses. We are pleased to report that the list of “essential services and workforces” includes:

  • Construction Workers who support the construction, operation, inspection, and maintenance of construction sites and construction projects (including housing construction)
  • Commercial retail stores that supply essential sectors, including hardware and home improvement and including local and state inspectors.

What We’re Doing to Keep the Community Safe Without Sacrificing Customer Experience.

At Lenzi Construction & Remodeling LLC, the safety and well-being of our customers and employees is priority number one. We are staying up to date with COVID-19 and the procedures set in place with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). We are asking our staff to avoid any personal contact such as normal customs to shake hands when greeting a customer, to again, limit any potential exposure. If our staff are not feeling well, we are requiring them to stay home and not allowing them on the job site or to meet with homeowners. As an exterior remodeling company, most of the work that we do does not require face-to-face interaction or any need to come inside of your home.

Our goal is to keep customers and our staff as safe as possible and away from any potential exposure, but this does not limit the level of service we are able to provide

Technology enables us to estimate and begin your new project or to keep your existing project moving along with little to no physical interaction. We can deliver the same great quality service as well as update you via email or video chat. We’re happy to walk you through the steps to ensure you receive a detailed presentation as if we were at your home and provide you with a detailed estimate. Our customers can email us pictures and we can quickly turn around a detailed estimate (within one to two days). This essentially eliminates the need to have personal contact with any of our crew members while keeping you fully involved in every step of the process. Please call us or email us with any questions and we can help you start the process.

Credit Card Fees Waved!

Lenzi Construction & Remodeling wants to do our part to help our customers and keep the economy move forward. Therefore, until 5/31/2020 we will be waving the 3% fee we usually charge for Visa and Mastercard customers.

Let’s all take the time to enjoy our family this summer in our own back yard. This is the time we will need that new deck more than ever.

May all of you stay healthy and find a reason every day to remain thankful and hopeful.

Edward Lenzi

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